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Who are we?

Jennifer Schellevis, actively involved in anything to do with real estate in Lorgues and it's surroundings since 2002 , who has an intimate knowledge of the local market.

Our Agency communicates in 3 languages and we will ensure you that you receive the highest possible personal service.

Where are we:

I live in Lorgues and work together with my fellow agents in the Var. We know the region very well . We are 50 minutes from beautiful St Tropez and one hour drive from either Nice, Marseille or Toulon airport and only 15 minutes drive from the TGV train station.

Considered by many to be the most beautiful part of the southern France, we will ensure that you are offered all the properties that are available that meet your criteria.

Why choose us?

The purchase of real estate is one of the major investments most of us will make in a lifetime.

You want a beautiful home but also value for money and peace of mind. Will the property hold its value over the years, could you maybe one day detach a plot..? Is that crack in the wall superficial or does it need extensive repairs...? Could they build an apartment block next to me that obscures my view or casts shadows on my swimming pool...?

we have experience in the French real estate market.
We will help you avoid the traps and tricky bits and accompany you all along towards the purchase or sale of your French property.

Over the years we have built solid relationships with other real estate agents , notaries, plumbers, electricians and gardeners. Once the house is yours we can help with maintenance of your home, garden and swimming pool.

We can introduce you to reliable builders, architects, even dentists if so required... We will also introduce you to the best local agencies to rent out your home if you so desire.

Provence Property Finders is a small agency which is an advantage because you will be looked after in a very professional and personal manner whether you are Buying a house or Selling your house.

Looking for a property?

Let Provence Property Finders do exactly what their name implies; Find you the house of your dreams in the Provence.

We will search wide and far and ensure that you are given a fair picture of what is available in your price range and meets your requirements. We collaborate with most agents in the neighborhood and will be able to present to you all that is on offer in your desired region.

Have confidence in us, you won't be disappointed.

Selling your house.

We will determine the realistic value of your property based on our knowledge of the market and current situation.

Together we will agree on a strategy to sell your home quickly and at the correct price. We can advise you on how best to present your house with some simple but effective tips.

We will assure an international visibility on a variety of websites throughout Europe knowing that today 95% of potential purchasers search online for their properties in France.

Additional information:

What is an Offre d’achat?

Once you are happy with the final price, the selling real estate agent will propose an ‘offre d’achat’ for the existing property. The main aspects of the property are in this paper described, such as an address, layout, size and separately made agreements. This information is signed by both parties and then the notary will use this info to make a provisional purchase agreement. This agreement should be signed within 30 days of the ‘offre d’achat’.

Offre d’achat is a unilateral promise from the buyer to the seller. The potential buyer indicates that he wants to purchase the specified property within a specified period. However, it does not guarantee that the house must also be sold to the buyer. The offre d’achat largely describes what you wish to buy. If the term expires and the buyer and seller do not agree, then the offer will expire.

What is La Promesse de Vente?

La Promesse de Vente is a unilateral promise by the seller. Seller agrees with this “Promise of Sale” that he agrees to sell the property at a certain price for a given period. The buyer pays 10% and gets a period of 7 days to rethink the decision and stop the buying process. If the notarial deed is on for signing, your 10% of the purchase amount will be deducted and you will pay the remaining amount. If you do not provide timely notice of cancellation and you have no decisive reasons (such as reserve funding) then you will be in default and the seller may retain your 10% deposit.

What is a Compromis de Vente?

The Compromis de Vente is a purchase agreement between the two parties. The seller agrees to sell his property, while the buyer agrees to buy the property for an agreed price. After signing the initial purchase agreement, you always have a right to withdrawal for 7 days as a buyer. In addition, it has suspensive terms, which means that the purchase will not continue under certain conditions such as not obtaining a loan. Source (http://www.urbis.fr/quelle-est-la-difference-entre-une-offre-dachat-un-compromis-de-vente-et-une-promesse-de-vente.html

Ten days withdraw

This period starts from the day you receive your copy of the reservation contract signed by both parties by registered mail – you will receive the contract by courier services like DHL or UPS. Within ten days you can still withdraw the purchase without any reason given.

30 days withdraw
After the 10th day, a new period starts; the 30-working days (about 45 days) period to obtain a loan starts. In case you get a loan refusal, you can then withdraw from the purchase without any financial punishment or costs.

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